Self Care Series – Facial & Soak

Hi Y’all, it’s Self Care part 1 ~

Today is Friday…


Most Fridays I  am at home working in the office returning emails and scheduling my social media posts. In between phone calls and emails while in my pajamas, I gave myself a facial and soaked in the tub for 20 minutes!

Today is the start a Self Care Series

self-care-facial-ayurveda-1This is my first post. It is so important for you to take care of yourself… so you can take care of others. Here is the before picture and the products that I’m using for this home spa day.

  • cotton crochet washcloth (I make these myself)
  • Athreya – healthy face powder
  • Thayers – witch hazel aloe vera & lavender
  • Banyan Botanicals – soothing skin balm
  • cle de peau… – facial cotton pads
  • b|happy – peppermint bath bomb


SELF CARE FACIAL ~ Let’s start this…



It starts with prepping the face. I use a hot wash cloth to cleanse the face. Let the warm/hot cloth stay on the face till it cools. You can see the redness – feels fantastic on this slightly cooler day for Dallas Texas. But if you use a cleanser, go for it! There is nothing wrong with a mild cleanser to remove the daily grime. After cleaning, use the warm/hot cloth method too.

SECOND ~ self-care-facial-ayurveda-4

This is the messy step. The healthy face powder is red and gritty. Make a small paste in your hand and apply to the face. I don’t scrub the face, but I do move the product while getting it all over the face, neck and area around the collar bones. self-care-facial-ayurveda-3



Allow the paste to sit on the face for at least 5 minutes. Sometimes, I remove before the paste completely dries. If you remove before dry, the paste can be a good exfoliant. Today I decided to allow it to dry and become very hard on the face. I used the warm/hot cloth technique in the FIRST step to soften and remove the paste. self-care-facial-ayurveda-5



After the paste is removed, I use Thayers witch hazel as a tonic – using the cotton pads to apply. It is very cooling and feels great after the warm / hot cloth used to remove paste.



The b|happy peppermint bath was just what I needed. My skin felt and smelt fantastic. A quick shower after the soak to wash my hair.



Get the Banyan Botanicals soothing skin balm or an oil of choice. This is the best step! My whole body feels like silk.

You might be wondering how often to indulge in such luxury. I try to have a facial once a month. And now that it’s getting a bit cooler outside, more baths / soaks are going to happen. I just wish I had a bigger tub. I can’t quite stretch out like I wish I could!


A few of my steadies regular stops for maintenance are:

  • Nola Rae Smith Massage
  • Dr. Brandon Huddleston – Growth Life Chiropractic
  • Adrift Float Spa
  • Tom Landry Fitness Center
  • YOGA of course!

What will follow…

  • abhyanga – oiling the body
  • steam / diffuse
  • epsom salt soak
  • massage
  • restorative yoga / yoga nidra
  • meditation – guided or not





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