OmBalance Family Yoga Retreat 2017

Family Yoga Retreat in Italy

YES, it’s true! I’m planning a Retreat for the whole family – schedule for September 2017 in Florence Italy. This Yoga Retreat is meant to be an opportunity for us to practice yoga, explore, relax, spend time together, and just get away. So why wait, start checking out the website.


Incrociata is VERY family friendly. Each of the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette. Why is the important? Because we all need some time to ourselves for a coffee, tea or just time alone. But having us all together on the same site allows for the opportunity to be together.

My friend (and AyurCare doula client) Nicole and I are going to track all the steps from landing to arriving at Incrociata. Don’t worry… I’ll be blogging about it, posting on the OmBalance Facebook page and all social platforms.



Therefore, stay tuned. You’llincrociata chairs see Nicole and I sitting out on the property, and heading into Florence for a gelato & coffee, and maybe a little shopping to inspire the creative flow.

Of course, there is a yoga studio fit for movement, meditation, and playing whatever games come to mind. Oh and yes there is a pool!

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