Doula Testimonial from Angelle – March 2018

Doula Testimonial  ~

from an OmBalance HypnoBirthing Mama –

When I complete a doula contract, I typically send out an invoice, an evaluation in hopes of getting a doula testimonial, and some various information to guide new couples thru postpartum. Well, my contract is not complete with this mama, but let me share a text that I received from her…

I just keep reliving Tuesday night in my head and even though you weren’t physically there, your words and spirit were definitely a guiding light to us. You motivated me to stay calm and try to relax thru the pain, no matter how great it was. When I would start to get negative about not being able to handle the surges and started to tense up, I would hear your calm voice and Drew would start a light touch massage. I truly felt like you helped Drew and I become the perfect birthing team. Because of everything you taught us, we were never scared thru the laboring process, no matter how erratic it was, because of the knowledge that you empowered us with.

As I stepped out of the car and could feel him crowning, I kept reminding myself of the EMT guide’s words about babies born like that are typically healthy/ low risk situations. *

Things were so crazy Tuesday night that I can’t remember if I expressed my gratitude for everything!

I honestly can say, you helped me achieve my perfect, natural birth that I dreamed of, unique as it may be!

* this is from a resource provided in the HypnoBirthing childbirth preparation class

doula testimonial - angelle dallas


I have a pretty darn good track record for attending births. I actually brag about it! BUT sometimes Calm, Smooth and Easy labor happens. Now, I’m not saying this was easy for mama. It’s still LABOR!

I can’t wait to sit with the couple and combine our timelines.

Here’s Mine :

2:30 pm Reflexology ~ 7:15pm Text from client – water may have released ~ 8:46pm Text from client – mild surges ~ 9:38pm Text from client – short frequent surges : 9:48pm I text for them to go to the hospital : 10:04pm Text from dad – HE’S HERE!

There’s a little bit more of info in the text stream, but this is it! WOW… WOW…WOW!


Send me an email. Let’s schedule an interview to see if we are a good fit.

Check out the Doula Service page – www.ombalance/birthservices

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