Alternative Practices – Self Care during Pregnancy

Alternative Practices for Self Care


We all know that I practice yoga, swim (water yoga too), and walk on my treadmill for Self Care FITNESS.

I have regular massage, see a chiro (need to get back in to see you Denisa), spend time on my infrared mat, and use self abhyanga for Self Care ALTERNATIVE PRACTICES.

Meditation, restorative yoga, naps and good sleep (when not with a doula client) for Self Care RELAXATION.


Today I went to see my dear neighbor, student, friend Nola Rae Smith. She is a local massage therapist in Oak Cliff. It’s a real gift to have someone so close. Now, she is not the only massage therapist I see & know. I’m willing to share all my favorites with you!

Here is my before massage and after massage pictures:

Before SELF CARE Massage

Before Massage Face

After SELF CARE Massage

After Massage Face










Staying healthy requires eating right, taking time for yourself, being happy & mindful. All ways to get us to a good place ~ a time for our bodies to be ready to conceive, fit to feel good during pregnancy, and have the ability to bounce back (at your own pace) after delivery.

Consider seeing someone for acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care. Maybe you are interested in Ayurvedic care. I’d be happy to help you find someone in your area. Remember to be mindful and see someone that has experience and expertise for you – fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, newborn care, care for the whole family.

If you have questions about how these alternative providers can help with fertility, maintaining a healthy pregnancy, and bouncing back after delivery – JUST ASK. The providers listed below are always available to help!

OmBalance COMMUNITY PARTNERS page has a list of practitioners!

Acupuncture – Bunzo Takamatsu, Mark Hernandez, Ellee Carlson

Chiropractor – Denisa Weber, Ruth Durkee, Apex Wellness, Brandon Huddleston

Massage – Nola Rae Smith, Shanda @ DYC

~ Help me add to the list!

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