Yoga and Labor Preparation class offerings are growing at OmBalance

Prenatal Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Partner Yoga, Partners In Pregnancy (Comfort Measures) & Prenatal Yogaelephant bouquet ombalance

OmBalance is going to expand it’s prenatal offerings to include the partners! In addition to Prenatal Yoga and Partners In Pregnancy (Comfort Measures), Tara Kristof is going to offer Prenatal Restorative Class and Prenatal Partners Class. It’s a very exciting time. The studio is small so number of students is limited. This will make for an intimate time. These classes will alternate monthly.

Check out the descriptions below…


Prenatal Restorative Yoga, $30/person ~ This 2 hour special class will nurture mamas into a stay of bliss with the use of props (probably all of them!), each pose will support the body into a state of comfort. Allowing mama to turn her gaze inward and connect with bebe on a deeper level. Limited to 6 participants.

Prenatal Partner Yoga, $45/couple ~ This hour and a half class provides an additional opportunity for mama and her honey to connect during the pregnancy, a place for her to share her practice of yoga AND build on the information you both have collected over the pregnancy. Limited to three couples.

Partners In Pregnancy, $65/couple ~The exploration of breath awareness, meditation & visualization, yoga postures and comfort measures will be used to develop your natural skills in preparation for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Through creative visualization we will work to enhance the connections between mamas, partners and bebes. This class/workshop is a great compliment to the Conscious Beginnings childbirth education class. Limited to three couples.

Prenatal Yoga, $15/class (drop in rate) ~ A mixture of postures and breathing techniques taught to women at all stages of pregnancy to help prepare for childbirth. Open to all levels of yoga experience as well as to women at all stages of pregnancy. Join at anytime. Drop-ins are welcome. Doctor’s note is not necessary. Be sure to register for classes at OmBalance online – limited to 6 participants. All other studios do not  require registration and there is more studio space.

Written by the OmYoga Doula


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  1. Cheryl Johnson May 29, 2015 at 1:00 pm #

    We are going to have a Sunday Prenatal Partners class if anyone is interested. Please let Tara and/or I know by Saturday morning. I hope all faired well with our storms last night!

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