OmBalancing is Moving to City Yoga Space…

OmBalance is Moving!!!!
picture above is a FULL class at City Yoga
Many of you already know. It is sad for me to say that I’m moving again, but Snider Plaza is increasing the rent by more that my budget can handle. There are a few other reasons, parking is number one! Thanks to all that participated in filling out the survey. I took it into consideration when looking for a new home.City Yoga is a new studio located just south on 75 at Haskell. So, we will not be moving too far away. City Yoga has offices up front and that is where OmBalance will be. Our studio will be much smaller and we may need to register for class before heading the door. Our average class at OmBalance is 4 (sometimes 5). I feel like 6 -8 will be our maximum for classes.

Be patient while we work out the details. The official date for the new address is April 1st. I’ll be doing lots of shifting and moving around the studio. Of course, I’ll be looking for a moving company – let me know if you have any suggestions.

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