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OmBalance makes a BIG CHANGE!

OmBalance is going home – back to the original neighborhood. Since I moved back to Dallas in 1996, and to Oak Cliff in 1997, I’ve always had the email address oakcliffyoga@. OmBalance became the name of my company in 2000. I’ve offered group classes at Methodist Hospital, YMCA, several yoga centers in Dallas, the UU Church and then breaking out on my own in 2012 with a commercial space. My yoga students range from the very newest newborns to those of us aging gracefully into their senior years. One of my favorite quotes comes from a beautiful 70 something yogini, “The sensation of this pose is so good. I can’t wait for the other side.”.



Home Studio ~ Oak Cliff Living

It’s been a wonderful ride and I’m not willing to give it up! I’ll still be offering the same classes that are on the current schedule, but at my home studio. It’s a work in progress. I’m converting it back – it’s been a dining room for a few years now.



We just don’t gel together…

It is sad to be throwing in the towel at Belmont. The other tenants and I (our businesses) are not gelling together. I’ve fielded many questions over the past year –  seems the other tenants have not been gracious to many of us. I’m very grateful for all those that have supported OmBalance. Here are some of the reasons & worries, I’m letting go…

  • 1st WORRY) Some of the worries of the management are based around ALL the kiddos, claiming that we are all flushing tampons/diapers/baby wipes. I did try to explain that pregnant women do not have periods – it fell on deaf ears. And none of us would flush a diaper. Come on!
  • 2nd WORRY) Parking comes up too. Even though we never take more than seven spaces AND the lot is never overflowing during out times at the studio, it matters not and is a great concern for management.
  • 3rd WORRY) We are all just TOO loud for The Blue Mermaid Spa even though we rarely see anyone there. 
  • The list goes on. BUT I’ll stop here. 

The move back to my home studio is scheduled for April. If this changes, I’ll let you know. We will have the same amount of space – room for six for a group yoga class. For the HypnoBirthing series, there is room for four couples (maybe five). And for the in house treatments, I’m working on a separate space. There will be available times for abhyangas & belly castings.

Y’all may have noticed the For Lease sign on the fence. It is not there now. They may have found someone to come in. Stay in touch & I’ll do the same.


  • Wednesday – 9:30 am Prenatal & 11 am Bebe&Me & 6 pm Restorative Flow
  • Friday – 10 am Walk & Lunch @ Trinity Groves Park & Restaurant of our choice
  • Saturday – 8:45 am Fundamentals

Yoga Classes ~ HypnoBirthing ~ Prenatal ~ Bebes ~ Postpartum ~Ayurveda ~ Yoga Training ~ Birth Story

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