Happy Father’s Day – Let’s Celebrate!



This guy has worked HARD my whole life. He provided a great life for us. My sister and I took piano classes, dance classes, and were never told no (or at least not often).

Most importantly, he was an inspiration for me. My dedication to my clients – my job – is a reflection of the example he provided for me. I feel successful because he believes in me, my dreams, and all my quirky ideas.

My life is so different from the life he imagined for me, but he still loves me and supports me!

Tell me about your guy…

I’ve met some pretty wonderful husbands. As a doula, they are labeled “Doula Husband” in my Contacts. Tell me how your honey supported you during your labor. How he just melted when he met y’alls sweet little on it’s Birth Day. You get the idea!

June is the month to honor the men in our lives. Those that are dads, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, best friends, husbands, brothers. Add your comments below. 

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