Essential Oils for Everyday Use


A few years back, I signed up for a level one certification workshop with Floracopeia. It was an amazing self paced process. It was an in-depth workshop and I loved it. One of the most important tidbits I walked away with… Be careful! Essential oils are meant to be used diluted as a general rule, not all oils are good for pregnant women, not many oils are good for infants.

Today we are surrounded by companies that sell essential oils and mini classes to tell you how to use. My suggestion is to… Be careful! Know the company you purchase from; different quality of oils for different situations; where are the herbs farmed; does the company buy and process or rebottle.

Tell me what you use oils for. I always have oils diffusing at home. I’m still using my “stay well in winter” trio of Fir Silver, Eucalyptus and Palo Santo every day. I will add Sandalwood or Frankincense to my body/face oil. When making my toothpaste and deodorant (yes, I make my own), I am on a Tea Tree, Tulsi and Lemon kick.

Be sure to ask the right questions to the right folks. One of our OmBalance mamas is very skilled and knowledgable about essential oils. You can reach Christina Vargas on the internet – SimpleVeda! She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, HypnoBirthing & Yoga Mama.

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