Valentine’s Partners Yoga

special Valentine’s event…

Partners In Pregnancy Workshop

Prenatal Partners Yoga Class ~ 

PIP is a special partners yoga class to support moms and their partners during pregnancy in preparation for labor & delivery. Supported yoga poses, restorative work using breath awareness and visualization along with comfort measures are covered in this workshop.

And since this is a “special” Valentine’s edition, we will add all the yummy food that elevates the feeling of LOVE. Like strawberries & cream, chocolate, and champagne-lite (sparkling apple cider). You’ll walk away with a rice sock scented with your favorite essential oil and dhanvantharam medicated oil to encourage partners to offer a massage again and again. No excuse if you have the special oil!

I’m reserving this special PIP workshop for just two couples. The price for this event is $95/couple. If paying cash, $85/couple.

Two couples must register! Send me an email –