Traditional Postpartum Ayurvedic Care

This is the most amazing time of your LIFE! You are pregnant and growing a beautiful little human. There is so much to consider. And many opportunities for postpartum help. LACTATION SUPPORT ~ NEWBORN CARE ~ SLEEP TRAINING ~ OVERNIGHT HELP ~ ETC. 

I’m adding to the list. Consider Traditional Ayurvedic care to help you transition physically, mentally and emotionally into motherhood. In 2012 I went to Kerala to study at a women’s clinic. The experience was fantastic and my education grows each year. It has taken me some time to incorporate my skills into my doula work. The along came a mama looking for help. She introduced me to Dr. Gowri Motha… the rest is history. 

AyurCare with OmBalance for Postpartum Healing

History for me starts with an email from a potential client asking for Ayurvedic care. I was a bit nervous. To date, I was offering prenatal abhyangas for doula clients, bebe abhyangas at the postpartum visit, and bengkung belly binding. I was confident in my offerings. But when this email came in, I decided to go for it!

pp-ayur-care-feb-16-2I already knew what I needed to do. The ceremonial Vettu Vellum was already happening for doula clients. I was encapsulating powders, blending herbal tea, and talking meal planning and postpartum yoga planning. I was ready!

Today planning the postpartum period has become second hand. I’m happy to provide this amazing practice to compliment what you currently do to get “back on your feet”. Six to eight weeks is the best amount of time to be yourself again. OmBalance has an AyurCare protocol that includes six weeks of support. Each visit includes an abhyanga with creative healing for mama, a belly/hip binding for mama, an abhyanga for bebe, herbal tea, encapsulated powders, and all the supplies that support this amazing method of recovery.

Don’t wait, let Cheryl know you are looking for AyurCare!



Testimonial (in the throws of her protocol)… Thank you Cheryl for helping me heal my body and piece me back together. Working on my body after two babies is a long road. I put on 71 pounds with my first, lost all but 10 lbs and then 68 with my second. Now it’s not just time to lose the weight however actually heal my body in the process.

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