The BEST Prenatal Teacher Training is @ OmBalance!



This prenatal yoga teacher training is offered in a mentor style and as a group training. Contact Cheryl to set up schedule. Investment – $2100

~ GROUP trainings are scheduled in October / November each year. See the calendar on the schedule page for exact dates.

~ Inquire as to the next MENTOR training. Spring 2019 mentoring starts March 3. We will continue thru June/July. Inquire if you would like to join us.

Prenatal Teacher Training Review ~ 

REVIEW… In October 2015 I had the pleasure of taking the OmBalance 85hr- RYPT (Prenatal Yoga  Teacher certification) . It was nothing short of amazing! Cheryl is one or the most knowledgable Doula’s and yogi’s that I’ve ever met. I am a Registered Nurse and RYT -200hr/ 500hr myself and her knowledge of anatomy/ childbirth / yoga and Ayurveda is just outstanding. Her mannerism with her clients allows them to relax and have fun that aids learning. Perhaps most importantly and profound is the sense of “community” she has developed with her mother’s and their ability to connect. A yoga class, a prenatal and post natal connection to other mothers, a knowledge resource for all things pregnancy related… And a safe “connection” for moms. If you have a desire to take an RYPT 85hr hour with her – do without hesitation. This was truly an experience of a lifetime for me as a yoga teacher / nurse/ mother and I feel blessed to have observed and learned from her. Besides all that, I consider her now a friend and my prenatal yoga guru! Thank you beyond words Cheryl!
REVIEW… Cheryl has a wonderful comprehensive program. I found her challenging in that she expects a lot from her students, but it left me feeling prepared to teach alone at the completion of her training. I strongly recommend going through OmBalance for anyone interested in prenatal yoga training in the Dallas area.

Side Note… Requirements to earn Certificate of Completion for those wanting to teach:

  • complete this course
  • 2 book reviews
  • attend a childbirth education class
  • prenatal training manual: breakdown of all asanas, natural remedies, a couple of essays, build short sequences
  • resource list
  • practice teaching with & without Cheryl / OmB Staff
  • special project
  • written test

Prenatal Training Course Overview ~

Women must follow their own hearts and take steps to have a fulfilling and safe births by educating themselves and all who will surround them during the birth process, by acknowledging and releasing the fear they may have regarding the challenges that surround labor & birth today.

Those who teach and serve women must be willing to take special care and responsibility in teaching safely, providing information and helping women empower themselves with regards to these same challenges. You can make a difference!!

This training program will benefit you profoundly if you are: Yoga students of any discipline, yoga teachers working with pregnant women, Pregnant women, women who want to become pregnant or women who have given birth. This course is open to any and all Women!!!

  • Professionals working with pregnant women
  • Yoga Teachers and teachers in training
  • Nurses
  • Childbirth educators
  • Massage Therapists
  • Doulas
  • Midwives
  • Doctors

Join Cheryl in learning how to teach women, experiencing the most profound time of their lives – during pregnancy. Help them create the proper environment, inner faith and strength emotionally, physically & spiritually. An ancient journey which brings mothers-to-be together, sharing knowledge, song, inner strength and celebration as a new soul grows within, helping to prepare for their challenges, choices and changes through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Teacher Training includes:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the pregnant woman
  • Common discomforts of Pregnancy
  • Routine/sequencing a safe prenatal yoga class
  • Hands-on teaching practice
  • Hip openers, healthy back poses and more…
  • Breathing and Meditation techniques to release fears and doubts about birthing
  • Alternative poses, homeopathy, therapeutic approach to labor and birth
  • Chanting
  • Early postpartum care and awareness
  • Learn the state of healthcare in the US
  • Learn to teach about challenges and choices we have during pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Interventions and drugs causing higher Cesarean surgeries
  • Helping women connect to themselves, their babies and others to prepare for this joyful Celebration of Life
  • Fetal positioning, breech, poses to assist in rotating baby
  • Learn anatomy and physiology of the pregnant woman (con’t)
  • Yoga postures specifically for strengthening and relaxing the body and to help alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy (con’t)
  • Chanting to release fear and chakra opening
  • Breathing and meditation techniques to release fears and doubts about birthing
  • Nutritional care for prenatal and postnatal moms
  • Sequencing a prenatal class and general routine of yoga poses with hands-on practice
  • Marketing your practice, meeting new friends and other teachers


Prenatal Yoga Training – 85 Hour Commitment ~

85 Hour Training includes all of the above, guest speakers (when available) and Special Workshops to include Partner work and childbirth education.

Gain knowledge from experts in alternative care for pregnancy and postpartum. Also, learn how to help with different fetal positions i.e. occiput posterior, breech, poses for healthy back and hips, relaxation and breathing techniques for pregnancy and labor, partner poses for labor, and what can be done if drugs are used.  Learn about Doula care and homeopathy for labor and birth. Early postpartum period includes healing from a cesarian birth, opening the chakras with chanting, breathing and meditation.

This training includes learning how to create a gentle, safe and fun Postnatal w/baby Yoga class using poses that include baby, help Mom’s regain abdominal strength, while sharing and supporting each other, with song, dance & connection.

This training will help anyone working with pregnant women learn how to guide them with safe yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation to help prepare mothers to be for the challenges of labor & birth. Learn what current research shows about c-section rates and how to help women safely prevent unnecessary surgery. Certificate of Completion will be given with continuing hours toward completion of Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification – Applicable to Yoga Alliance for continuing education hours toward RPYT certification.

Prerequisite to receive ”teaching certification” for RPYT’s course you need to have a basic 200- hour yoga teacher certification, 200-RYT, or a one year yoga practice with an understanding of yoga poses, standing, sitting, forward bends, backbends, inversions and restoratives. Complete at least a 5 day Level I or 10 day training and pass testing.  You will recieve a Teacher Certificate from OmBalance.

If you want to receive  “Yoga Alliance Certification”, RPYT designation, these continuing education hours may be used toward certification but you will need to complete an RYT with YA and complete the 85 hour training to obtain the RPYT initials.  This complete training will certify you to teach through OmBalance RPYS.

Note: You do not need to be a teacher, or have a yoga certification to receive a “Certificate of Completion”