Postpartum Doulas

The Welcome Home, bebe™ 4th Trimester Partnership Provides In-Home Postpartum Support, Education, and Mentoring for Families Transitioning from Pregnancy to Parenthood.

Because each family’s journey is unique, you can’t help but be all wrapped up in the myths that have been passed around. But your story is DIFFERENT. Your story of successful parenting is calm, comfortable, and confident. Yours is a story of education, support, and trust that empowers each other during the early weeks of your parenting journey. Breastfeeding specialists and parenting educators, experts in the latest on child development and greening up your nest, knowledgeable in the fitness and nutrition needs of your changing body and family… that’s what our partnership brings to your family in your earliest days home.

During our time together we manage the milestones of the 4th Trimester, starting your parenting journey off with a customized plan for success. Our 14 week partnership begins before your birth with a nest preparation and relaxation session, allowing you to calmly welcome your birth experience knowing that everything at home is ready to welcome your bebe. A weekly visit throughout the 4th Trimester allows your family’s changing needs to be welcomed with patience and confidence. Early on we develop skills that allow you to embrace and enjoy your new roles together, using a combination of guided relaxation, weekly task lists, and hands-on education and support.

Welcome Home, bebe™ Hourly Postpartum Doula Support
[$45 per hour – 8am – 6pm four-hour minimum, 10pm – 8am ten-hour minimum]

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support – Remote Support, Single Session
[$45 Thirty minute virtual consultation: text, phone, Skype]

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support – Remote Support, Multi-Session Package
[$450 Two weeks of daily scheduled thirty minute virtual consultation: text, phone, Skype]

Welcome Home, bebe™ In-Home Consult, Single Session
[$325 Up to three hours in your home]

Welcome Home, bebe™ In-Home Consult, Multi-Session Package
[$3850 Fourteen consecutive weeks of WHB sessions in your home]