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You’re home! You’re together! You’re a family! What now?

Because each family’s journey is unique, you can’t help but be all wrapped up in the myths that have been passed around. But your story is DIFFERENT. Your story of successful parenting is all about calm, comfortable confidence. Yours is a story of how effectively education and support can empower your innate abilities to nourish each other during the early weeks of your parenting journey.

Infant feeding specialist and experienced parenting educator; an expert in the latest on child development and greening up your nest; knowledgeable in the fitness and nutrition needs of your changing body and how to manage that within your unique family; rooted in wisdom and honoring evidence-based best practices… that’s what your postpartum partnership with Ashley Coones gives your family in those early days home.

Postpartum Support for Your Modern Family – Exclusive Services that are Fully Inclusive

Whether you’re joining us for a parenting preparation workshop, reaching out for infant feeding support, or maintaining your sleep and sanity thanks to her overnight postpartum doula and sleep coaching services, support after your birth is just as vital to your success & satisfaction as your birth preparation. Reach out to Ashley today to learn more about:

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Welcome Home, bebe! is the Newborn Care & Parenting Class you’ve been looking for!

We start with the magical hour following your bebe’s birth and tackle all the details the 4th Trimester will expect you to expertly manage, exploring the Mind-Body Connection, Developmental Milestones, and Practical Management of your new family. This detailed lecture and discussion includes hands-on practice stations, allowing you to rock the 4th with calm, comfort, and confidence. This series is best attended during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

You’re going to be great at this. And it’s smart to want some help. Welcome Home, bebe! Postpartum & Parenting Education Series is presented in a series of five, 2 1/2-hour classes.

Five-Week Series $225
Individual Class $65

Follow the links below to learn more about the classes and to register for the series:

  • bebeREADY: Preparing for Success with Your Newborn
    Prep your nest and pack the bag, we’re exploring the first hours after birth and its impact on the first week of your postpartum and parenting journey. In this workshop we dive into the ongoing development of a positive relationship between you, your partner, and your infant. In our time together we envision, plan, and organize for the first six weeks including getting your home ready, making the most of your recovery and bonding time right after birth, planning meals, and starting your 4th trimester with confidence.
  • bebeBASICS: ProTips for Juggling Your Newborn
    This comprehensive newborn care workshop is all pro-tips addressing all the topics you forget to ask about until you really need them. We cover the basics of newborn care including feeding, bathing, diapering, cord care, getting out and about with your infant and organizing all of their stuff at home and on the go.
  • bebeSAFE: Infant Safety & CPR
    An injured bebe is the worst fear of every parent. This infant safety & CPR workshop provides the vital knowledge & skills YOU need to respond with confidence to a life-threatening situation with your infant. In addition to learning how to recognize & manage breathing emergencies, we’ll get smart about how to avoid injuries – keeping your baby safe at home, in the car & on the go. Also covered: car seats, childproofing your nest, & making safe sleep choices.
  • bebeSMART: Hands-On with the Five S’s
    Addressing the fourth trimester and your infant’s dynamic needs, the Five S’s are your superpower against the dreaded colic concept and will ensure that your bebe is eating, sleeping, and communicating in a way you can best understand and respond. Parents CAN learn techniques for calming fussy, colicky babies! The classes are based on techniques he outlined in “The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer.”
  • bebeFOOD: Breast, Bottle, & Beyond: Infant Feeding for Every Family
    This comprehensive infant feeding workshop addresses breastfeeding, bottlefeeding with formula and expressed milk, how to feed your bebe when returning to work, and transitioning to solids. We’ll address the expectations, challenges, and practical applications of all methods of infant feeding, generate a gameplan for how to rally your troops and resources, and discuss common myths and the importance of reasonable expectations, complete with pro-tips and a customized community resource guide.

Ashley’s Bio ~ 

As a childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting mentor I recognize a few important things that guide my service to families: the informed choices you make based on accurate information will trump the fear that like all this bebe-centric-excitement can bring about; having an advocate who serves you and your partner exclusively is invaluable; and your first night home as a new family will set the course of the rest of your life together. My doula partnership has grown in the last decade to grout these certainties into the beautiful picture your birthing experience paints. I provide physical and emotional support, as well as resources for education and advocacy, as you navigate the policies and procedures of your birth environment.

I fully support you and your partner in the decisions you make for your birth. Well before birth we will explore the choices you have in childbirth and parenting, and how to make informed decisions that affirm your preferences. I believe in the power of choice and enthusiastically support the choices you make. I am available by for questions throughout your pregnancy and on-call to you exclusively during your Birth. My specialty is working with families to create informed expectations and hone superpowers so that challenges can be avoided – – and every family I have had the pleasure to serve has defined our working relationship a bit differently.

My background and training are focused on maternal-fetal care and infant development. It is my goal that in our time together we can define and celebrate your roadmap for a calm and productive path to birth and parenthood, ensuring that your time as a new family is spent in happiness with your bebe and each other.