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A Doula Wears Many Hats..Victorious - front cover

Physical, mental and information support….. That is what a doula provides and so much more! I have strived for many years to create a community of women, the littles and partners. We come together for classes, lunch and conversation. We celebrate birthdays, holidays and Mother’s Day.

A doula is a Mother, a Teacher, a Friend. And in turn each time I’m with you, my clients, I become a better doula – mother, teacher, friend. We all learn from our experiences and opportunities to support and encourage each other.

It is wonderful to be surrounded by so many great women!

I just read Victorious My story as a cancer survivor by Leslie Rivera Quiroz. Leslie and I met when she attended my prenatal class at Dallas Yoga Center. I instantly liked Leslie. She and her husband attended HypnoBirthing classes too. The books title lets you in on her journey. The book is a well written and compassionate story. I smiled, cried and laughed and cried while reading it. ~ You are amazing Leslie! I’m so proud of you!

You can purchase Leslie’s book on Amazon – click HERE.

Victorious - back cover

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