Home Birth Doula ~ A January Birth Story


home birth doula

OmB Mama Nicole & Team


Nicole shares a little about her Home Birth on her Facebook page

This team of women + my husband was the best birth team I could have ever dreamed up. Each one of them served me in such a special and specific way.

My husband, my rock, @pjackson405 , was intentional, loving, strong and nurturing during my entire birth. He was 100% with me in every way from start to finish. ❤️

My midwife, @margievaughnwallis / Frisco Birth Center , built me up as an empowered woman that no matter how intense things got reminded me to stay quiet in my mind, relaxed in my body and took the very best care of Otto, Peter & I from the start to the end of pregnancy, birth and post partum.

My Doula

@cherylyogini_ombalance , who from the start instantly knew what I needed- words of affirmation, physical touch + love. She was on from the moment she got to our home to the next morning and helped Peter and I in every way possible throughout labor + birth & postpartum; who inevitably helped me ‘surrender’ and lose the control I held onto in order to bring baby Otto earth side.

Each of them helped me in delivering Otto the way I imagined, a peaceful water birth.
A special thank you to Emily Sloan & Melissa Weldon for coming to assist & help with my birth. You are both so amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last but certainly not least… our two furry animal family members were labor warriors! Poc, our 11 year old Siberian husky never left my side. She was right there at the tub when I gave birth and she and our kitten, Guillermo, are definitely in love with their new little human.

I’m working on my birth story to share for anybody that may be interested in what a home birth experience was like (for us, anyway).
It’s taken longer than expected because somebody has quite the appetite.

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