Healthy Living ~ Almond Milk – Work in Progress!

ALMOND MILK – 2nd try is better than the first!


Here’s what I’ve adapted from several recipes found on the Internet…

  • 4ish cups filtered water per cup of raw almonds and a pinch of salt & soak for a WHOLE day!
  • rinse the almonds and peel (like the picture above) – a fairly easy task
  • blend with filtered water (I use a vitamix) – note the mixture expands when blended
  • using a cheesecloth strain the milk from the pulp

To sweeten:

  • soak dates in boiling water to loosen the skin, put in blender with milk & add cinnamon (as an option – yum)
  • I keep some plain milk to use for soups and sauces to give a creamy texture

I’m freezing a small batch to test out if a good idea. This homemade almond milk is not as easy to froth as I’d like, but it does the trick!


My favorite CUP O’JOE has a bit of chocolate in it. This is my version of a mocha latte. And even the hint of a heart. Which was not planned!

I’ve tried many chocolate. Just plain unsweetened and the darkest to be had is the best… in my book!


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