Georgette Dunn Shropshire

tiny-yoga-playdate-georgette-ombalanceGeorgette is one of my OMazing Prenatal Teacher Training students. 

Georgette Dunn Shropshire, has created the “Tiny Yogi Playdate” class as a way to introduce children to yoga by teaching them yoga postures in a bright and imaginative way! She uses lots of engaging themes; including play, music, and dance to educate the kids on the beauty of yoga. In this class you can expect your children to develop their attention span, patience, speech development, and positive social interaction with other children. Georgette also works a lot on balance, breathing, meditation and of course laughing; all of which helps to make this wonderful class a positive yoga experience for your child. Georgette promises that there is never a dull moment for the kids during this fun and creative playdate. Feel free to contact Georgette at (214) 254-9669 or email her at to learn more information or to plan your next playdate/birthday party or event.


I just had to add this wonderful picture of Georgette with her girls from September 2015. They are adorable! You can find Georgette on Facebook HERE.