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Choosing a doctor for your little is very important. When possible, tackle this project as a couple. During our intros this week at Uptown Yoga, everyone had a opportunity to say who they’ve hired OR who they’ve talked to.

(Dr. L.E. Wolovitz pictured)

Here is the list…

PRACTICES: Pediatricians of Dallas ~ Pediatric Associates of Dallas ~ Inwood Pediatrics ~ Tots Clinic

DOCTORS: Agrawal ~ Naidoo ~Neely ~ Dennison ~ Yaegar ~ McCord ~ Fernandez ~ Halsell ~ Wolovitz ~ Heber (?)

In January 2014, I wrote a post about pediatricians AND included information about hiring the correct doctor for you. What questions to ask. What to consider. Check it out HERE.

Do you have someone or a practice to suggest? Be sure to comment.


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