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Postpartum Ayurvedic Treatment

Vettu Vellum ~ An Ayurvedic Ceremonial Treatment This postpartum Ayurvedic treatment honors the mother – body and mind. Post delivery when you’ve settled in at home, this treatment brings a peace and calm element to recovery. A traditional ceremony cleansing and caring for mother once home from the birth location (unless already home!), begins with setting […]

Caitlin’s HypnoBirthing Birth Story

HypnoBirthing Birth Story “my birth experience was calm ~ breathing was easy because I practiced HypnoBirthing” This is Caitlin birth story ~ from the Summer HypnoBirthing class. I am writing to share our birth story with you! I was almost one of those second time moms to have her baby in the parking lot haha. My labor […]

Alternative Practices – Self Care during Pregnancy

Alternative Practices for Self Care FITNESS ~ RELAXATION ~ SELF CARE We all know that I practice yoga, swim (water yoga too), and walk on my treadmill for Self Care FITNESS. I have regular massage, see a chiro (need to get back in to see you Denisa), spend time on my infrared mat, and use self abhyanga for […]

Vettu Vellum – Ayurvedic Postpartum Treatment @ OmBalance

VETTU VELLUM AYURCARE ~ Vettu Vellum is a wonderful treatment offered postpartum. It involves oiling and cleansing the body for mama. Last Friday I had the best visit with Kelly. She delivered her little boy last Sunday. It was a wonderful experience to have her doula, Becky Hines there to assist and be a part […]

Traditional Postpartum Ayurvedic Care

This is the most amazing time of your LIFE! You are pregnant and growing a beautiful little human. There is so much to consider. And many opportunities for postpartum help. LACTATION SUPPORT ~ NEWBORN CARE ~ SLEEP TRAINING ~ OVERNIGHT HELP ~ ETC.  I’m adding to the list. Consider Traditional Ayurvedic care to help you […]

The Benefits of Belly Binding

Healing your Body… Postpartum Healing… Belly Binding Options… Healing your body is hard work from the inside out. The art of healing requires blood flow and swelling reduction. Contrary to many schools of thought compression of the belly after birth is not painful, but can actually help your body do the hard work of healing. […]

2015 Edition of Pediatricians – OmBalance Mamas Suggest

PEDIATRICIANS… Choosing a doctor for your little is very important. When possible, tackle this project as a couple. During our intros this week at Uptown Yoga, everyone had a opportunity to say who they’ve hired OR who they’ve talked to. (Dr. L.E. Wolovitz pictured) Here is the list… PRACTICES: Pediatricians of Dallas ~ Pediatric Associates of […]

Visioning at OmBalance with Rev. Erin Fry

VISIONING / MEDITATION starts MONDAY the 9/14 Monday is the first day of Erin’s addition to the OmBalance schedule. She will have the first of a four part Visioning / Meditation series. Erin is an OmBalance mama herself. She has twin boys, a loving husband, and a heart filled with compassion. Her offering at the […]