Pelvic Floor Health

I’m so happy to share a great Q&A about Pelvic Floor Health. As a part of the MOMs program at Tom Landry, I hope that creating a healthy mind and body is apparent in each and every class offered.   The Importance of Strengthening the Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy Becoming pregnant is such an exciting […]

MOMs Classes at The J

MOMs Classes at The J MONDAYS 7:15 PM – PRENATAL  YOGA ~ THURSDAYS 12:00 PM BABY&ME WATER YOGA (BOTH CLASSES ARE OPEN TO PREGNANT MAMAS AND MAMAS WITH LITTLES) The J  7900 Northaven Rd, Dallas 75230 MAP Like all good things, we need to be patient while we work out all the details and processes for […]

Postpartum Ayurvedic Treatment

Vettu Vellum ~ An Ayurvedic Ceremonial Treatment This postpartum Ayurvedic treatment honors the mother – body and mind. Post delivery when you’ve settled in at home, this treatment brings a peace and calm element to recovery. A traditional ceremony cleansing and caring for mother once home from the birth location (unless already home!), begins with setting […]

Caitlin’s HypnoBirthing Birth Story

HypnoBirthing Birth Story “my birth experience was calm ~ breathing was easy because I practiced HypnoBirthing” This is Caitlin birth story ~ from the Summer HypnoBirthing class. I am writing to share our birth story with you! I was almost one of those second time moms to have her baby in the parking lot haha. My labor […]

Alternative Practices – Self Care during Pregnancy

Alternative Practices for Self Care FITNESS ~ RELAXATION ~ SELF CARE We all know that I practice yoga, swim (water yoga too), and walk on my treadmill for Self Care FITNESS. I have regular massage, see a chiro (need to get back in to see you Denisa), spend time on my infrared mat, and use self abhyanga for […]