Ayurvedic Treatments

(Cheryl’s serves her doula clients and yoga students)

Abhyanga (Warm Oil Application) –

$150 in Office, $250 in Homehome-remedies-herbs

Abhyanga helps to clarify the mind and stimulate the body. Warm oil specifically formulated for the client is applied to the body with rhythmic gentle strokes. Abhyanga does not penetrate the deep tissue of the body. It is meant to nourish the body with repetitive touch; promoting healthy circulation and aids in joint comfort.

“The abhyanga relaxed my body, mind, and spirit. Truly a blessing to have our doula Cheryl and my beloved husband present as we consciously prepare to welcome our second child into this crazy, beautiful world!”
~ Miriam, OmBalance & HB Mama

Kizhi (Leaf Bundle) –

$150 in Office, $250 in Home

Bundles filled with herbal leaves, lemon and coconut are applied to the whole body with medicated oil. This treatment is meant to increase blood circulation and reduce body pain.

Njavarakizhi (Rice Bundles) –

$150 in Office only

Application of njavara (special medicated rice) paste to the body with medicated oil. The bundles are filled with rice cooked in milk and herbal decoction.

Head, Face and Shoulder –

$95 in Office, $195 in Home

This treatment begins with the application of oil to the scalp allowing the oil to seep into the hair follicles connecting to the nerve fibers that lead directly to the brain. Relaxing the muscles and nerves to release fatigue from the nervous system and body.

Facial, Mask and Steam

$95 in Office only

Herbal face mask of specially made herbal powers, herbal steam and facial with creams and oils to help tone and plump skin. This helps to avoid wrinkles and improve skin tone.

Abhyanga for Bebe

$95 in Office & in conjunction with a home visit

Allow me to teach the art of warm oil application for bebe. The same wonderful benefits apply for your child as well. This application of oil can be given as early as birth day and repeated twice each day for as long as bebe will allow. From time to time, I will offer a group workshop.

Recommendations for Ayurvedic Practitioner available upon request. Check out the Community Partners page!