Doula Services


All doula contracts honor twelve hours of continuous support during active labor & delivery as defined by your preferences. There is an additional fee for time beyond the contracted twelve hours.


The BIRTH ONLY package includes:

  • Office prenatal interview / visit to discuss your preferences, catch up & sign the contract.
  • Phone & email support to help you prepare for the birth day.
  • Twelve hours of continuous support during active labor and delivery as defined by your preferences. Additional fee for time beyond the twelve.
  • Up to two hours post delivery included to help with initial latch and help to gather up belongings to be moved to postpartum (or back home if delivering at a birth center).
  • References for birth & postpartum services.

~ This BIRTH ONLY CONTRACT is reserved for repeat clients & birth professionals. 


The BIRTH + ONE package includes:

  • Everything on the Earth Contract, PLUS
  • A prenatal visit to help define your preferences (birth plan), establish our roles as a team,  and work with you & your partner to prepare for birth OR a care provider visit if schedules allow OR in office Abhyanga (oil treatment)

~ This BIRTH + ONE CONTRACT is great for a mama that has experienced birth already and/or a mama that has loads of support at home. So many reasons… these are just a couple.


The FULL package includes:

  • Everything in the Water Contract, PLUS
  • An Ayurvedic treatment! Abhyanga is a warm oil application given at my office. Partners are encourage to participate! This is such a wonderful EXTRA to your contract.
  • A postpartum visit to recount the birth and share special moments; To talk breastfeeding and postpartum healing; A mini postpartum Ayurvedic treatment to massage the belly & wrap the hips. All materials for the wrap are provided. Another great EXTRA!
  • We will stay connected via text messaging, emails and phone calls during pregnancy thru the early postpartum period.

~ This FULL CONTRACT is perfect for anyone, but especially a first time mamas. If we are just getting to know each other, pick this one it gives us more time together!


The COMPLETE package includes:

  • Everything in the Water Contract, PLUS
  • Two Prenatal oil treatments – Abhyanga is a warm oil application given at my office anytime during your pregnancy from 25 weeks on.
  • A basic start to the AyurCare 4 Pillars to support postpartum. This includes 3 home visits. 1) Nutritional guide PDF : medicated ghees, teas, 3 snack, 3 soups, 3 rice / porridge. 2) Mindfulness Practice guide PDF : pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, gentle movement mini sessions. 3) Self-care guide PDF : & oil to support self abhyanga, bath decoctions. 4) Rest : Take a nap while I’m there to help.



These postpartum packages are listed on the Treatment Page.



~ Sarah – OmB Mama & Awesome Jewelry Designer! (2012)

I’ve been attending HypnoBirthing classes and I LOVE them!  Cheryl Johnson with omBalance was born with a gift to work with pregnant women.  Not only was she a recommendation from an L&D nurse (important to us since we are having a hospital birth) but I recently found out she was Jewel’s doula!  I take the HypnoBirthing classes (intense breathing and focus training for a drug free birthing experience) from her as well as her prenatal yoga classes and she will be my doula (personal birthing coach)!  She has a magic voice and touch that can put me into the most relaxed state.  I know people think I’m nuts, but I can’t wait to bring Goldie into this world with this method!  Luckily Dr. Hagood with Walnut Hill OBGYN (one of D Magazines Best Doctors in Dallas!) is completely on board and has had great experiences with HypnoBirthing!  (side note about Sarah… she has two sweet bebes now)

~ Colleen – OmB Mama tells Mary’s Birth Story (September 2014)

Almost 12 months ago, this little (big!) lady arrived…9 lbs. of glorious fat rolls, big kissable cheeks, beautiful blue eyes, and stubborn from day one. Or actually, before day one…she was “late”, insisting on coming in her own time, moving at the pace SHE decided. Just like her namesake, my grandmother. But I digress. Mary’s birth was so much like my first and, at the same time, so different. These kids, they always keep you guessing. But what was consistent for both births, and the entirety of my pregnancies, was my doula, the always-wonderful, amazing, caring, CALMING Cheryl. I saw her each and every week for prenatal yoga. She helped ease my pre and post pregnancy pains with massage (oh Cheryl, I still cannot thank you enough for that!). She created beautiful works of art by casting my belly, reminders now of that magical time when my babies were growing inside me. And, of course, Cheryl was there to help me (and my husband) as our babies entered the world.

Cheryl had helped me achieve my “perfect birth story” with my first. She was so indispensable to us before, during, and after the birth of my son, so much a part of the family, that immediately upon hearing the news that I was pregnant with #2, my husband said “You have to call Cheryl!”, terrified that she would already be booked 9 months in advance! She was, in fact, the very first person we told! And, once again, she helped us have an amazing birth experience. Texting with us as I labored at home, meeting us in the very same room where my son had been delivered, keeping me calm, doing and saying all the right things, advocating for me (Cheryl, if I never said thank you, here it is! thanks for telling that nurse that I had already made myself clear about the lab work!), taking pictures as my husband helped deliver our baby girl, and of course, just being there for our family in every possible way. I love that the first friend my children have known is such a sweet soul. I love that, after my husband and I, Cheryl was the first to hold our babies. I love that she will forever be a part of these stories and our memories. 

So, as our Mary Elenora turns one and we celebrate this past year and her wonderful arrival into our lives, we want to just take a minute to say…

Thank you, Cheryl. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being you and all that you have done for our family. Words cannot express. We love you! 🙂 (Colleen has four sweet bebes now)