PreNatal Teacher Training @ OmBalance


Three amazing women – Tomoko is from Japan. She moved to Arkansas for school and met a fella. The rest is history. Stephanie is from Arizona but now lives in Wisconsin. She is going to open a studio in her neighborhood next year. Keisha is a Texas girl that moved to Italy. She has a beautiful little girl and is a studio owner already in Florence. Maybe we all will remember this nugget and use it as a reason to visit her!








It’s such an honor to share my practice with our community AND then to have women from across the country (and the pond) to learn from me. Just like our group community classes, my time with Stephanie (top picture), Keisha (right bottom) and Tomoko (left bottom) has proved to be a wonderful lesson for me too. As we all spend  time together, we learn about shapes, personalities & abilities.

As these three women finish up their training this week, my hope is they will take our OmBalance community model and create the same in their neighborhoods.

Do you have any advice for our new Prenatal Yoga teachers? What is your favorite part of class? If they could add another service to their schedule, what would you suggest?

As yoga teachers, doula and childbirth educators, we want to be a safe place, a sanctuary.

With a Calm Breath, Namaste

PS – A little shout out to Tara Kristof, Beatriz Moro, Jennifer Cabrera, Stephanie Read and Georgette Dunn. The ladies that came before this group. We are a community of pretty fab teachers!

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  1. lisa February 9, 2018 at 12:38 am #

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    • Cheryl Johnson August 2, 2019 at 6:32 pm #

      Thanks! I run prenatal teacher training throughout the year mentor style and once a year for group training.

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