Postpartum Ayurvedic Treatment

Vettu Vellum ~

An Ayurvedic Ceremonial Treatment

postpartum vv collage Marti

This postpartum Ayurvedic treatment honors the mother – body and mind. Post delivery when you’ve settled in at home, this treatment brings a peace and calm element to recovery.

A traditional ceremony cleansing and caring for mother once home from the birth location (unless already home!), begins with setting of intentions and prayer. Then the following steps below are completed with care. Marti’s mother was there to assist in the service.

~ a crucial  time to relax postpartum and receive care ~

Marti / Mom postpartum 2016Additionally, the baby is not in the room – maybe father is caring for baby. Since Mike was working the day I showed up to treat Marti, Gillea came to take care of Tutu. The steps we take are – to cleanse and oil the body & hair / a turmeric body paste & green gram powder scrub to exfoliate / a time to sit and soak in a warm bath with special decoction tea that helps to heal the body / and then a wrap for the hips along with a short pause & cup of tea.

~ treatment for mama and bebe ~

postpartum abhyanga for bebe

Tutu also received some special attention. While Marti was having her treatment, Gillea sat with her, rocked and talked to her. And then I gave Tutu her own special abhyanga. The application of oil is just as beneficial for bebe – increased circulation & muscle development. Since the little ones are growing each day, this is a great comfort measure. It also informs bebes about safe and loving touch.

I think she loved it!


In addition to the treatment, I’ll leave 10 days of herbs for a milk tea to drink after morning and evening meals. The tea is loose organic herbs from a trusted source. The powders are also organic and from a trusted source encapsulated in office.


Contact Cheryl about this treatment and other Ayurvedic treatments to prepare for birth and aid in postpartum healing.

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  1. Shenika Keis November 4, 2017 at 5:13 am #

    Nice article.Even I have heard that the body massage is necessary for the mother as well as for the child because it helps to strengthen their muscles as well and also makes the baby feel the loving touch.

    • Cheryl Johnson November 4, 2017 at 7:12 pm #

      Yes. That is true. Babies benefit much like mama with the added acceptance of learned loving touch. Thanks for commenting!

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